Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Singapore SBB Celebrates - Viv's Birthday Hoop-la!

The Singaporean gang had a grand time celebrating Viv’s birthday (albeit 1 week early) on 3 July. There was cake, there was champagne, there was sushi and also a humongous amount of laughing and incredible yoga postures (!) included (don’t ask!!!) Of course, Viv had no idea of the impending awesomeness (ideal hardworking journalist that she is) in spite of the fact that we were walking up and down the office cake and food in hand-Vivian was oblivious to it all caught up in reporting her weekly prices (there is a lesson for us all here).
So she was pleasantly surprised when we started singing the birthday song and inviting her to make her wish and blow out the candles. I don’t know what she wished for, but I do know we had a gala time with Russ later showing us what he learnt in Yoga class, me trying to imitate while the rest of the gang looked on and guffawed. I believe there were some references to line dancing and salsa too! If only we had a guitar, there would be music to complete the effect. The event felt incomplete though without Anna who couldn’t make it owing to the flu which
made her work from home.
Anyway, here’s wishing Viv a very Happy Birthday and many many more fun filled
years to come!


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