Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Axe Effect Zindabad!!!

I have suffered from headaches all my life. Sometimes intense and hammering, sometimes mellow but constant. But headaches have been no stranger. Sinusitis has been the major cause and in Singapore, it has relapsed in a big way ever since I started working. Mainly because of the continuous exposure to air conditioned living for the major part of the day.

Earlier I used to subject my innards to regular steam inhalations, and then added on some yogic practices to help me. They worked beautifully. Till last year.

You see I began work in 2008 January and realized soon enough that the traditional methods I had gotten so used to, wouldn’t work anymore. After all one can’t possibly inhale steam or start breathing exercises in an office full of people.

I started hunting. Scouring. I went store to store looking for a quick relief for my headaches which seemed to worsen day by day. And after going through many pain killers, balms and rubs, decongestents, eye checks and MRI’s (after the robotic arm fell on my head but thats a whole other story altogether), I finally found Axe.

Axe Oil has turned out to be the handiest and most effective oil balm for my headaches-a kind of temporary panacea for my headache troubles. I now have an axe oil bottle handy wherever I go. There’s one on the nightstand near my bed, one on the cooking platform near the fruit bowl, one near my computer and one in my cabinet, one in my purse, and one in my rucksack and of course on my office desk. I have ensured availability of the little drops of heaven, no matter where I am. I even carry one in my pocket even when I go running or gymming. I promote the brand and advocate the oil to anyone in urgent need of relief. In fact, the product being unavailable in India, I even take back a rummy good number of bottles whenever I visit home. I figure other people can use it too as long as it lasts.

Axe oil works in a matter of seconds. I unscrew the lid, dab it on my fingers and apply the soothing concoction on my forehead. And I give it around two minutes. It never fails to rid me of my headache-at least temporarily.

I have become so hooked to the little bottles, that my undying loyalty towards the brand has also made me the butt of many jokes among family and friends. My husband has offered to buy me the biggest bottles available in the market so that I never run out. Ha ha. Very funny.

I don’t mind the jokes. All I know is that the brand suits me. And it gives me the much needed relief albeit for some time.

I have realized that it is wrong on my part to ask my colleagues to stop using the air con. One has to change oneself because one cannot change one’s surroundings always. I have found the solution for my headache problem at least for the time being.

I don’t know if one can become immune to Axe oil. But if it is possible, I’m sure I’ll be the first one to gain that immunity-considering the large amounts of Axe I need every day.

Till then-Hail the Axe Effect! It works!

-------------------Shreyasi M.


  1. I still feel you should get some more shuteye.
    You hit the sack too late on a regular basis.
    Give it a shot & see.

  2. I will...and this was to do with Axe not me! :-)


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