Monday, August 17, 2009

COMPLETE (from The circumambient Cetacean)

I have been maintaining this blog for the past two years now, and I have had real fun putting in little bits and pieces of animal stories, cartoons, pictures and jokes together. I have written about the dolphin that made me start writing the blog in the first place, my mother who’s passion for animals has played such an important role in my life, my father who has been my hero throughout and even Mau Rani Buskus mother’s notorious cat...I know I have yet to write about my Precious Cleopatra, my present day bundle-Kishmish and so many more animals and humans that have some my way.

But somehow somewhere something has been those little pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that when lost, leave the entire picture sad and forlorn. And the picture won’t be complete till I write about my husband, my best friend and companion and one of the most emotional, zealous and passionate animal lovers I have ever come across.

Ironically my first meeting with Sushil, was in the lush deciduous mixed forest of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai. We had both enrolled for a biodiversity conservation course there, and for both of us it was a haven, an escape from the clamour of the outside world. We used to find solace in walking the silent forest trails, listening to the wisha-wisha of the eucalyptus and rain trees and looking out for leopard tracks in the forest mud. I didn’t realize it then, but it was evident that he was in love with everything that the good God had breathed life into. He inspected a flower with the same awe as he did a cicada moult and I somehow found a friend in him that I could relate to.

However it was only after marrying this wonderful man, that I realized the intensity of his passion for everything that walks, runs, crawls or photosynthesizes. The down to earth simple man slowly started unfolding his beautiful soul and immense heart to me and i have been dunked in love ever since.The kind of love that I relate to, the way I love and the oneness that I feel with nature and spirit. I found that in him.

I have seen it grow manifold after Kishmish came into our lives. Kishmish a.k.a. Kishu a.k.a. Kishwanath Rajagopalan is our 4 year old chow chow-alsatian cross (or rather we are his human slaves) and his story will have to be dealt with in detail later. But yes, he has wrapped Sushil completely around his little paw (should have seen it coming) and now his life is centred around kishu. We adopted the fellow three years back, and since then Sushil has taken care of him like a father. Everything Kishu does fascinates him and I am often jolted out of my reveries with “look look twinky look at him drool,” or “Look look Twinky, look at his nose,” or “Oh my God Twinky smell his his paws...its heaven.” :-)

I would not have had it otherwise. And God has been kind to me. He knows what I needed and he has given me that. Someone to love me and everything He has made selflessly, and someone whom I could love back in the same way.
Sush, it is such a joy to open my eyes every morning and find next to me a man who is capable of loving God and his creations so much. It’s been four years, but with each passing day I only fall more and more in love with you and your good heart. I thrill with the moments you, me and Kishu have and the many more years to come. It’s not just the blog that’s whole now. You complete me.



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