Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Matter of Perspective

Everything is relative. And I mean everything. Even fundamentals proved by science as unchangeable realities-are also relative to a person’s own beliefs and of course passing time. These so called scientific fundamentals have been known to develop cracks in them so often in the past. They have been known to crumble unceremoniously with new fundamentals taking their place. The once opined geocentricity of the universe is one such blaring and oft cited example. Everything depends on perception of the individual who is perceiving.

As such there is no definition of reality. There can be multiple universes with multiple realities. We define reality as something accepted by the masses because the majority accepts those things as real. But what of the minority that doesn’t? What of the minority that chooses to dream and create worlds which seemingly defy the accepted laws of nature and science. Take gravity for example. It was defined, studied and accepted. Nothing can defy gravity since it is such a basic law-or so I hear. Flying machines go against gravity to be able to do their thing. Birds have aerodynamic bodies which enable them to cheat gravity. But the fact remains-Gravity is a reality-at least in the physical world we live in.

But there have been so many documented levitating saints who have not only defied gravity with their yogic practices but actually proved that reality is perspective based since for them gravity does not exist. If a yogi while living in the physical world can astrally alter reality as we know it, who then are we to define reality as we do?

Just because we as we are, are unable to see other worlds or other realities with our physical eyes, it does not mean they don’t exist. Swami Sri Yukteshwar clearly explained to Guruji (as mentioned in the Autobiography of a Yogi), that there are many astral worlds with many kinds of creatures and beings. After all, the physical world is the densest of all. Surely we cannot limit God to just having created what we with our limited senses can perceive.

Where there are minds, there will be imagination. And where there is imagination there will be creation. My good friend maintains a blog which houses the words “You cannot blame your eyes if your imagination is out of focus” and this kinda hits the nail on the head. People who dare to dream and imagine, make brilliance out of nothing. And once it’s been thought of, it begins to exist.

The Never Ending Story is one of my all time favourite movies because I love the background theme about how a deep darkness called “The Nothing” has begun to engulf and devour Fantasia-a fantastic land created out of the combined imagination of people worldwide. In the end when The Nothing devours the whole of Fantasia, all but one grain of sand remains of the once flourishing world abounding in magic. And the central theme of the movie-a boy called Bastian, wishes fantasia back just by holding the grain in his hand-thereby saving imagination.

Such is the power of dreams. Fairytale characters are everywhere –pixies, gnomes, fairies, mermaids, flying dogs and talking sphinxes, dragons and giant sea monsters, water nymphs and grinning cats, castles made of golden sand and cottages made of candy, lavender oceans and purple skies, silver stardust and moons teeming with life, friendly centaurs and dignified minotaurs, talking animals and moving trees, history abounding with mysteries yet to be unravelled. Only we can’t see them. Or better put, we choose not to. We choose to stay behind a veil of self imposed logic and practicality, living out our brutally serious lives and losing our inherent imaginary powers to boredom, routine and in a nut shell “being grown up”.

Well I refuse then to “grow up”. I’d rather be a child with the freedom to express myself as I wish, than be an adult bound to act and think in a certain way because that’s what “gown ups” do. I refuse to be one of those who die knowing full well that the life I lived was a sham. I refuse to live a lie, an act acted out to be in accord with societal pressures and conventions. I refuse to limit myself to this physical world where murder and mayhem are considered normal, where money and making money is considered the be all and end all of life, where I cannot see beyond dense matter.

I will be free, in mind, body and spirit. I have a choice and I choose to allow God’s creativity to flow through me. I will search and I will find, I will not only see but look closely; I will not only touch, but feel with my heart, think with my mind and create with my soul. I will break physical barriers to find my beloved subtle and incredibly magical world just behind this one. And I will create many more. In my worlds there will be nonsense with a meaning, and a galloping chaos totally unlike the maddening one of this world. I will not drown in this crazy discord, I will breathe freely... I will not just survive, I will live.

----- Shreyasi M.

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