Monday, October 12, 2009

Bloodthirsty God

(This is a letter I wrote to MS Dhoni is response to his slaughter of a baby goat in early 2008. It’s also on my animal blog TCC, in case anyone wants to read it there...)
Dear Mr. Dhoni,

I am one of millions of people who have been shocked and hurt by your act of slaughter of a baby goat in Ranchi. I wish to express some thoughts to you as the voice of the millions.

I am a Hindu by birth just like you. I have always been spiritually inclined and I always depend on the great light of God for everything. But I have always drawn the boundary between faith and fanaticism.

To what lengths does one go to for success? Do you really believe that you can achieve success by pleasing God with the blood of an innocent creature? Do you really believe that you can get what you want by inflicting pain on a dumb mute baby animal? Do you really believe the God we worship is that bloodthirsty an entity? Don’t you realize that what God wants from you, is for you to sacrifice the vices within you? The anger, the vanity, the ego! That is what God wants from all of us.

In a country, where Mahatma Gandhi used to say that our society is judged by the way it treats its animals; where Mahavatars have always preached ahimsa; where Krishna, Christ and Mohammed have taught us to bestow love and kindness upon all of Gods creations, what you have done totally contradicts what our country stands for! What religion stands for! What Hinduism really stands for!

You have achieved the pinnacle of success, with the sweat of your brow and by the Grace of God. For that we laud you. Every Indian holds his breath when a cricketer like you goes out into the field. Sportsmen like you are the pride of our nation. But what you have done has not made us fact it has left a bitter taste in our mouths.

Dear Mr. Dhoni, with great power comes great responsibility. You surely know that. This is not just some line from a cheesy superhero flick! You have the power to influence the youth of India. You have a responsibility to show them that the true meaning of life is not how much one succeeds in material life, but how much one can grow internally, how much one can love ones fellow beings and how much one can be in tune with God.

Do the right thing. Tell people that every animal has the right to God’s good earth. And no one especially a celebrity such as yourself, has the right to resort to murder for his own end. That is not God’s wish.

Awaiting a response from you,

The youth of India.

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