Monday, November 16, 2009

Embrace the Tick-Tock

(Written for my dad when he turned 50)

I well up with sadness,
And turn to the clock
My heart goes lub dub dub
My thoughts run amuck
If I could just turn back
This thing they call time
And retrieve all those moments
Explicitly mine,
When I was your daughter
None else mattered then
And you were my hero
A gem among men
The songs that we sang
And the games that we played
My very first bike ride
Just memories decayed?
For you were but thirty
And I was but five
Both vibrant and growing
So very alive
We faced our hardships
And firm like a rock
You weathered them bravely
The witness-that clock!
I always stood by you
And wished I’d done more
To make you as happy
As you were before
But such are the ways
Of the thing they call time
It seems like a moment
But life whizzes by
Now you are fifty
And I’m twenty five
Both vibrant and growing
Still so much alive
I suddenly get it
It comes in a flash
Why am I hasty?
I shouldn’t be rash
Why must I force
The clock at its best?
It’s the start of an era
Put your feet up and rest
You’ve spent an entire
Life time for me
Roles now reversed
Unfettered, YOU’RE FREE!
My father, my friend,
You’re always with me
Then why force the clock?
Why not let it run free?
Let’s leave out the bad times
And re-live the good
Let’s now live our lives
Like we really should
Now more than my hero,
With passage of time
You’re my friend and confidant
My partner in crime 
You don’t have to fight life
Embrace the tick tock
There’s much happiness promised
Just trust in the CLOCK!


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