Thursday, January 7, 2010

The God of Small Things

In haunting “wisdom” people say
“There is no God there never was”
Dawkins, Edison, Asimov, Crick
Castro, Hemingway, Sagan, Shaw
Einstein, Zappa, Hepburn, Frost,
Jolie, Allen, Joel, Reeves
And many more in every way
Believe in proof and need a cause
To decide if God’s the one to pick
Or just a theory with blatant flaw?
A new way found or old path lost?
Reality or dream perceived?

To me of course God is as true
As everything I touch and see
And hear and taste and feel inside
Every day through day and night
Ever with my soul as one,
Never separate, always close
With everything I think and do
My conscience wanders, unfettered, free,
It touches that great hand which guides
And then I feel that strength, that might,
That splendor marked by thousand suns,
Which no mortal does dare oppose

I point no fingers, make no complaint
And yet I urge you-Look beyond
By looking inwards deep within
That very God who rides upon
A little joy and endless bliss
I’m certain you will see it brings.
He knows both sinner & lofty saint
He WAS before time saw its dawn
Beyond the dual - piety and sin
Cosmic spirit, from sight withdrawn,
Yet ever present in the soul's soft kiss,
At once the God of very small things.
-----------------Shreyasi M.

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  1. Wah !! That's lovely. I often wondered how you came up with these poems and all that you write. Now I KNOW !!!


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