Monday, October 12, 2009

Animal Instincts - To Love, Protect and Cherish

We are all animals. Bipedal humans, crawling lizards and insects, quadruped canines and felines, graceful cetaceans...All of us are living breathing sentient creations of the one Master Hand...Who then is Man to differentiate? to categorize?

Sure man has a complex brain and is highest on the earthly evolutionary plane...but that doesnt give him the authority over the others and it definitely doesnt change the fact that all sentient beings FEEL and emote. A 21 year old adolescent facing the final stages of burkitts leukaemia moans and screams in pain and agony caused by tha various procedures he has to go through to buy him a few more days. In much the same way, the eyes of a terror stricken goat en route to slaughter or having his throat cut slowly while the others watch, or the rapid movements of the crescograph when a leaf is torn off a plant.....they all point to the same thing. WE ALL FEEL PAIN.

Since I was little, I have been fascinated by animal life in all its varied forms and beauty and the fascination grows each day. And with it, the sense of fairplay and equanimity that is so deeply ingrained in me, surfaces more and more each day while I witness the gruesome injustice that is meted out to our companions. However I also find solace in knwoing that there are so many out there like me, who love animals for what they are, for their sakes alone, who are fighting tooth and nail to get them justice, who are fighting multitudinous odds each day to heal the hurt and prevent the pain.

Selfless veterinarians, honest wildlife officials and the many many many field workers who are out there silently protecting and soothing our animal friends.I am not devoid of hope. On the contrary I live in hope. Hope of a more joyous future, when there will be love among all life's creatures...not just among humans. when children will grow up to become conscientious human beings and treat animals and all other forms of life with the much deserved respect, awe and admiration.

The Circumambient Cetacean (TCC) was started as a tribute to my mother, but I now honor all the honorable men and women like her who are out there loving and working for animals. God bless you all. For people like my mother, my father, Dr and Mrs Chariar, and the many many more who strive day in and out to protect and serve this cause, I LIVE IN HOPE.


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