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The Trumpet - Thane S.P.C.A. Quarterly Newsletter (January-March 2011)

Editorial - From the Horse's Mouth

The Other Demon

“The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty.  The activist is the man who cleans up the river.” ~Ross Perot

Maybe it’s time to really hear what Perot is trying to say. He is a businessman and usually people like that are normally concerned with the ‘other’ kind of green stuff. But Ross is spot on.

We talk about animal welfare and lobby against animal cruelty – a noble task indeed in a world ravaged by corruption, greed and political power games. We are however, so engulfed by actual acts of cruelty that we often overlook the other demon that threatens the lives of so many animals and humans directly and indirectly – pollution. It’s everywhere. You look around and there is always something polluting your field of vision. Thin plastic bags are the worst culprits, but there are others with equal polluting potency. For example, do we think about the thicker plastic bags which we bring home from malls regularly? What about tetra packs, polypet storage containers, cosmetic containers and aluminium/plastic foils – all of which have become an inseparable part of urban living?

There comes a time in all our lives, when we have to think for ourselves and not just follow the crowds blindly. Choices must be made and the kind of choices we make, determine not only who we are as individuals, but also what we are contributing to the earth of the future. Sure, we won’t be around forever, but think about it this way – someone will.

Keep your car’s PUC updated and use unleaded petrol to do your bit in the reduction of air pollution – something that affects not just humans in cities, but also urban animals. Sound pollution also is far more sinister than is publicized – especially for animals and birds. Their hearing sensitivities are far finer tuned than ours are, so the next time you want to buy loud firecrackers for Diwali or an India-Pakistan cricket match –DON’T.

In fact, the next time you want to buy anything, make the right choice. 
Choose companies which are eco-friendly and animal friendly, before you buy anything – and don’t worry there are plenty of such firms to choose from. Take The Body Shop for instance. It provides its customers with biodegradable bags which become one with soil within a year’s time. The company is also endorsed by animal protection groups worldwide, because of its humane approach to cosmetics.

That’s right! The company does not test on animals and by purchasing a product from them, you become a part of the crusade as well-it’s that simple! Amway and Star Bazaar are other examples of companies that believe in, practice and advocate sustainable living.

Make an informed decision, buy products with degradable bags and containers and ensure that an animal won’t choke to death on account of your purchase. When you’re travelling by train or car, refrain from dumping garbage and plastic bags into rivers and creeks and in your own way, become a hero for the life thriving in these water bodies. Carry your own bags to the marketplace and refuse plastic bags whenever you can. Keep your neighborhood clean and don’t wait for the garbage to pile up. Try composting at home and if you can, try community composting - it works!

Ruminate over what Perot says. Don’t just talk about the dirty river – clean it up! Be an animal welfare crusader and environmental activist in your own right. Make some differences and bring about changes – after all it begins with you!

Thank you!!!

For Thane S.P.C.A

Shreyasi Majumdar


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