Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I’m Afraid

For a while, I have been feeling a strange, disconcerting fear within. I have not been able to put my finger on it, but I knew up until now, that it has to do with a sense of insecurity-about the future mainly. It’s like how you feel in the pit of your stomach when you have an exam coming up in a week and you have absolutely no idea how it’s going to turn out for you.  I try to look ahead into the belly of the future and I see – darkness. Oblivion. I believe now that it has mainly to do with what I hear TODAY, in the noon of NOW.

Let me be succinct – both to myself and to you. There is no need for complex intrigue, when lucidity is a perfectly viable option. I fear for myself in the future world which seems to be hovering in some kind of bizarre, deepening hopelessness, with us cutting away at its heart and stripping it of its resources.  Our ancestors have seen many wars including two on a global level. I do not worry that there will be a third. I doubt there can be another world war, when countries will be struggling to survive, thanks to the emptiness of the mother’s exhausted abundance.

I just read that a study conducted in November, 2006, came to the conclusion that we will, in all probability, be bereft of seafood by 2048. Hm. According to the average life expectancies of my generation, I should be 65 years old. Thankfully, I am a vegetarian and I do not need seafood to sustain myself. But what of the sea itself? What of the ecology of the oceans that depend on the various invertebrate and vertebrate marine species for survival. Then of course, there’s global warming and thousands of species being pushed into extinction every year. Yes, I will be 65 years old and if I live till 80, I will witness the slow murder of the planet I call home – even as I see it happening steadily today.

Yes, I am afraid and I have reason to be.

And then I wonder, what the world be like in 2100 A.D. or in 3000 A.D. Will it be as advanced as science fiction writers envision a futuristic society to be? Will mankind finally see common sense and begin to live in moderation and let the world breathe again? Will mankind finally understand the HUMONGOUS responsibility on its shoulders to protect and preserve? Will mankind finally shed the power hungry idea of a universe in which he alone resides to plunder, pillage and exploit everything else? Or will the world finally be reduced to ashes in a fiery wave - an apocalyptic climax, finally pushing man to extinction?

I don’t know. All I do know is what I see today. I’m afraid.

-----Shreyasi M

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  1. Hmmm,

    Remember Me? Chilli and all? How u doing?

    Ok, about your blog entry. Came back to it after a long time and this was gooood! We sure need to be afraid, because what we do undoes, slowly, all we actually should be keeping. But I must say this, the sea will not die. There's a lot about our oceans that we do not know, many many parts we have never dared explore. Bacteria have been found in the oceans deepest areas through submersibles, in areas where the violence of the core is near and the temperatures are way over boiling. The nature of sea animals may change, and we will adapt.

    Thinking aloud, somewhat optimistically, I believe it is also natural that the species called homo sapiens and derivatives of humanoids, also need to survive. Hence there will have been a natural selection policy drawn up somewhere up there. That is classified info.

    Think of the things we did to survive, and would we have rightly used our advanced cerebrum had we not made 'inventions', not been able to use the resources given us? Somewhere, we need to devise ways to make it last longer. Maybe one day we will have a sustainable system installed, but by then our species would have further developed and would need more.

    Natural selection is rather harsh; harsher is the deselection process. Think of the dinosaurs. They lived so long, but perished. Recent discoveries prove the asteroid/comet theory. Humans do have a life span. Till then, we shall be given to plunder. The Earth is on rent, not for ours to keep.

    That is my philosophy. Maintain sustainability to whatever extent you can, but beyond that, I am sure, God has other means of controlling tricky issues.

    So no fear, live happily, give yourself the best, and to all around you.
    All the Best


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