Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We Walked Lonely Roads, You & I

We walked lonely roads, you and I

Trudging along, striding strong, through hopeful dawn and evensong

On lonely roads, that stretched for miles,

We treaded through tears, celebrated smiles

Painted by the GREAT COMPELLOR

Every turn, a different colour

Splashed with solitude piquant, two lone souls in a grand courante

We walked lonely roads, you and I

When mist descended in foggy haze, His brilliance set our souls ablaze

With fiery faith in trepid hearts, we stood alone so far apart

As trepidity turned to indignation

HIS love became our sole consolation

The fog lifted, we welcomed the sun

Our paths converged, we emerged as one

We had walked lonely roads, you and I

But now we walk a single path, free from sorrow, free from wrath

Flowers bloom under our feet as testament to our completeness

The outside world is irrelevant,

So we turn within to the eternal sextant

Strong winds may buffet my tender heart, joy as we know it may depart

But bliss bubbles through, in timeless dance

On this winding road in this vast expanse

We walk together, you and I

We walk hand in hand, on this road- a rampart

bridging eternity. O Flame of my heart,

It will end someday. New roads will be charted

To be trod on again, alone, once we’ve parted.

And so it goes, with these well-travelled roads

Time belongs to no one, it is merely borrowed

But whenever I walk on a lone road again,

I will watch the horizon for my ‘forever friend’

Keep a weather eye on the horizon for me

and I will emerge from the womb of eternity

Toward each other, we’ll be drawn as before

by a love that ignites us and pulls us ashore

We will walk yet another road together, alone no more, you and I.

-----------Shreyasi Majumdar

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