Friday, September 16, 2011

Unfettered in Shackles

The mind rambles on,

In crystal clarity & jumbled incoherency

Assaulted by a wave of possibilities

Free within-ever expanding

Caged without

Restrained and limited, the mind whirls

A merciless juggernaut

Demolishing impossibilities

Conceiving sensations, begetting dreams,

Spawning ideas, birthing fresh hopes

Witness to its true identity

The Adam of creation, the Manu of ALL,

The mind struggles, strains to express,

Lodged in a web delusion

Encumbered by responsibility, weighed down by habit,

Handicapped by cannots and shrouded in shouldnots

Cuffed and chained in panoramic wisdom

The mind perceives, the mind exists

Unfettered in shackles, the mind persists.

-----Shreyasi Majumdar

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