Tuesday, July 3, 2012

All Hail King Hiddleston the First (and Only)

All Hail King Hiddleston the First
Monarch beloved, splendid, supreme
Shining glory of mighty Hiddleland
With grandiose army and harem of queens

He demolishes enemies with ocean blue eyes
His smile is enough to permanently maim
He who hears his voice, inevitably dies
Or is injured so bad that he never is the same

All hail King Hiddleston may Hiddleland keep growing
May TOMatoes always grace our green vibrant soil
May rivers of Loki soup relentlessly keep flowing
Away from Jotun influence or Asgardian turmoil

Long Live King Hiddleston may you live and reign for ever
May you always hold our hearts in the palm of your hand
May success line your every path and every big endeavour
All hail King Hiddleston, Long live Hiddleland!


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