Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Magnum Hiddlopus

Punched the wrong numbers on my time machine
It was set to naboo had to meet with wan obi

But I landed up instead in a world of golden dreams

Asgard is the name and its where I met Loki

But he didn't look like a very mighty god

He seemed unhappy, he was pretty much distraught
Face flushed with anger, yet sad and forlorn
He just sat there scowling and polishing his horns

So I asked him “Dude what in Midgard is wrong?

You’re supposed to be rather mighty and strong
He said “Puny earthling, I wanted much more
But that blasted dad Odin gave it all to Thor

So now I’ve gone evil collected my cards

I'm gonna be the downfall of beloved Asgard
With an evil muhaha he disappeared
To establish a reign ofchaos and fear

So I went around in search of his bro

The thunder god Thor Loki’s greatest foe
His Thorness and I went to gatekeeper Heimdall
to prepare for a battle and to answer the call

He Said alls not lost and at whatever the cost

I'll keep the bifrost open till you guys have crossed
Once through the wormhole,we saw in the dark
In a suit of iron "It's Tony stark!"

Then out of nowhere I'd have never believed

With his wand in his hand it was the boy who lived
I was shocked I shouted "Voldemorts here too?
As if we didn't have enough to do"

But Harry said, “Nah! I Got bored of Tom Riddle

For a change, I’d like to meet with this awesome Tom Hiddle
Had enough of Horcruxes and Patronus charms
I want to now fight Loki, he doesn't seem very warm!"

Oh Hallelujah and yippee hurrah!

Its Captains Planet and A merica!
Professor X follows with wolverine
But they're followed by Orks and the Lord of the Ring

And that’s not all, check out who they’re with

It’s the asthmatic Vader – lord of the Sith
But the bad guys are here just to watch the show
They’re rooting for Loki, themselves lying low

Oh and look to the left with his pirate pack

It’s the pirate of pirates it’s Captain Jack 
Lady sif and the Warriors Tthree converge
In time to witness the Enterprise emerge

Captain Jean luc Picard so wise and so sage

Shows Loki the finger and shouts out “Engage”
As they all match Loki in an epic struggle
Black Widow and Spidey appear – theyre a couple!

Green lantern exclaims, "Hey don’t leave me out

I’ll show you what the power of will’s all about!"
The matchless Loki face to face with Thor
Characteristically says “Ah! The brother I abhor!

I thought I was a genuine Odinson

You’ll had me convinced that I’m the chosen one."
With Mjolnir in hand, Thor turned to his brother
“The only sibling I Have, coz I have no other

I know that I’m arrogant and vain and I'm proud

But I'm still Top God + I'm better endowed!”
“Oh Really! Your’re kidding! You don’t really say!
Well, I ain’t Odinson, I’m the son of Laufey

And a day will come when what’s mine will be mine

I will rule over Asgard or Jotunheim
If neither work out, I won’t play the fool
Ill rule the earth people they were meant to be ruled 

But for now I’ll melt you with my signature blue eyes

And Ill trick u into thinking that we’ve broken the ice 
I know that you’re stupid you’ll give me a chance 
And my fans will swoon over this delicious Bromance."

"Now I’ve got to go back and smash the rainbow bridge

Or else Thor will do it, Man! Life’s such a bitch!
But I’m God of Mischief and I will have to attack
Joss is planning some sequels, so I will have to be back

Till then enjoy me as best as you can

I’m Tom and I’m Loki, I’m Hiddles – The Man!"

~ Shreyasi Hiddledudette


  1. Oh. My. God. Best poem EVER! I loved it! Keep writing.

  2. HAHAHA.. i'm reading it and 'hearing' TOM reading this poem. I mean, who else!!!

  3. oh good this best off best keep in touch



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